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M&M Landscaping provides retaining wall installation services. If you are considering installing a retaining wall, call us at 617-686-0468.

There are many benefits to installing a retaining wall on your property.  Retaining walls are not just for aesthetics, they are also functional since they help minimize soil erosion, especially if your yard is sloped.  The soil in the New England area are sometimes not as robust as the soil further down south.  Installing a retaining wall will minimize soil erosion from wind and rain which can cause soil problems that can kill plants with weak root systems including flowers, trees, and even grass.

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A retaining wall will also allow you to personalize your property using various types of stone styles and colors.  If done, properly with the right planning, a retaining wall can greatly enhance the appearance of your property and become a focal point that is attractive and also functional.  M&M Landscaping can show you the wide range of wall materials, stone styles, stone colors available to help you make personalize to your taste.

Types of retaining walls:

  • Natural stone retaining wall
  • Boulder retaining wall
  • Timber walls
  • Segmented Concrete retaining wall


To find out more about installing a retaining wall on your property, call M&M Landscaping today at 617-686-0468 or request a quote online.

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