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   Storm Water Management System

Many cities are now requiring Stormwater Management systems for new constructions.

We're experts at installing water management systems. Contact M&M Landscaping to learn more.

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A beautiful outdoor space can make all the difference in how a business or home is perceived. It is called curb appeal, and beautiful curb appeal usually means beautiful landscaping. What many people may not realize that landscaping is divided into two categories.

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fence installation lynnfieldWant to put in a new fence, but unsure which type to choose? No problem. We will help you explore landscape fence choices and weigh pros and cons for dozens of fences. Whether you looking for a fence for privacy, security, aesthetics, or to contain a pet, we can help you choose. There are pros and cons to different types and many choices in material.
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Storm Water Management

Learn about our storm water management system. We’ll walk you through the benefits and process involved and explain all the features of the storm water management system.
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lawn and sod lynnfield maLaying sod is the fastest way to an instant lawn, but it is also the most expensive by far, and still requires immaculate subsurface preparation. M&M Landscaping can help you decide what your best options are.
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At M&M Landscaping we specialize in stone, brick and paver patios to create a space in your backyard that you will enjoy for years to come.

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Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting lynnfieldIn addition to their beauty, the allure and the practical benefits of outdoor lighting systems offer increased lighting for safety and security. A growing trend to view landscape lighting systems as the cure for any building or area of darkness, has lead to the lighting industry’s rapid growth.
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planting lynnfield maPlanting new trees, shrubs, and assorted flowers can help cleanse water, prevent soil erosion, provide habitat, cool our climate, and clean our air. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s great for the environment. Consider adding native trees, shrubs, and plants to your home today and let M&M Landscaping handle the rest.
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Maintaining pavers is essential to keep the pristine presentation of your landscape. A beautiful pavement will add a whole new dimension to an outdoor area. Pavers require little maintenance and will last a life time if they are properly looked after.
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M&M Landscaping also provide wall installation services. We can design and build retaining walls out of natural stone, timber, boulders, and segmented concrete.

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